“The beauty of your voice touched us all.”
– Mary Catherine Hastert

“Coeli’s voice was amazing. She brought so much love to our ceremony… Just unbelievable. Everything was absolutely perfect.”
– Hinda Tanmous

“I just want you to know that the music was PHENOMENAL!! I mean it was incredibly beautiful and heavenly! Coeli Ingold has the voice of an angel! God bless.”
– Arlene and Bill Oley and Family

“Your rendition of Ave Maria, Eagles Wings, Be Not Afraid, and others provided comfort and well- being to us all. You made our goodbye memorable.”
– Tood Kolb

“Coeli, the music was just beautiful and very consoling. Thank you.”
– Most Reverend Anthony M. Pilla, Catholic Diocese of Cleveland

“Such a God-given talent that is put to beautiful use. Coeli outdid Sara Brightman in my opinion. She is beautiful and so is her voice!”
– Dr. Cynthia Petroff

“The Ave Maria is probably one of my favorite memores of the ceremony – it was PERFECTION!!”
– Amanda Bozcek Jaronowski

“‘Heavenly’ is the approprate adjective to describe your performace.”
– Gino Raffaeli

“You have brightened our lives with the music and the joy which comes forth in your singing.”
– Lori Calhoun

“Coeli is wonderful, she sings like an angel and helped make our wedding ceremony so beautiful. She also was readily available in helping me make the musical selections for our ceremony and was a great help!”
– Jennifer Houlihan